Welcome to Villanova’s Scientific Thinking and Representation Lab!

We study children’s and adults’ imaginative and scientific reasoning abilities.

Our projects ask:
✿ What role does evidence play in belief revision in children and adults?
✿ How do children learn from fictional storybooks and what aspects of these books hinder or help the learning process?
✿ How do children explore informal educational environments such as museums and libraries?
✿ What do children and adults understand about the nature and process of science?
✿ How do children reason through causal systems and what do they explicitly state about their reasoning?
✿ Why are adults occasionally so bad at thinking about scientific results?

The participants in these studies are children and adults from our community, including local schools and museums. We have awesome collaborators such as the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Please explore our website to find out more about our research team, and the research we do.
You can get in touch with us by calling 610-519-7588, or by emailing us at  starlab@villanova.edu